How to add your part

It’s easy to add your part to this project, and you don’t even need to be confident with your singing. The simplest way is to let me do most of the work. I’ll come over with a mask and some gear and lead you through it. It takes about 45 minutes. If you aren’t near me, there’s also a way to do it on your own.

Here’s what to expect.

First, we’ll set up and record the audio part of you speaking the prayer (May I feel safe …), singing it, and then singing the version for others (May you feel safe…) . To prepare listen to these two parts of the song a few times and learn how to sing along. Practice with your phone using earbuds so we can record your singing without recording the background music. Easy.

May I Feel Safe

This second part has a big ending. May you feel safe! May you feel safe!

May You Feel Safe

Then we’ll switch gears and shoot some video. It’ll be the same thing, except this time we’ll shoot you with the music playing. I’ll bring a speaker to make it easy to hear the music while you sing.

As for setting, pick a familiar place for you, like where you work or your home or a place you go for fun and peace of mind. Wear what you would wear in that place, nothing fancy, unless that’s how you normally dress in that place. You will stand in one place for the during the shoot, so we’ll take a little time to get the lighting and background just right.

Sound good?

Text or call me. (Four-one-five) five-one-nine-oh-three-three-oh.  We’ll talk about how to do all this safely.

To prepare, do these 3 things:

  1. Think about where we can record the audio. A quiet place indoors is best. I’ll wear an N95 mask that filters my breath. If you aren’t comfortable with that, there’s a way you can record the audio yourself.
  2. Think about where we’ll shoot the video and what to wear.
  3. Practice the two parts of the song a few times. Feel free to improvise and sing as quietly or boldly as you like. Here are the words.
May I feel safe
May I be happy
May I be strong and free from suffering
May I feel kindness for myself

If you aren’t in the Bay Area or you want to do it yourself, follow these instructions.