Big choir

This is the grand finale for this epic music video we are making together. Have a listen to my singing all the parts and you’ll see why I need your help. Pay attention to the 3 sections. Straight harmonies for the first two verses, bigger harmonies for the next two verses, then the slow big ending.

Choir all parts

There are eight vocal parts to choose from. Pick one to learn and record it dry, no reverb or other effects and do your best to nail the pitch and entrances. That’s why there is a metronome in the track. I loop the verses 4 times so we have some extra takes to build the final piece with.

Please sing in full voice like you are part of a choir singing forte. My falsetto is wimpy so don’t imitate the tone. Also note the alto, tenor, and bass parts have two variations for the verse which is what makes it so rich in that second section. If you pick those parts, please sing both variations along with the ending.

You’re only recording audio. If you aren’t already setup to get a clean recording, read the setup instructions.

Once you record yourself, use the button at the bottom of the page to upload the files.

Soprano 1

Sheet music Soprano 1 loop

Soprano 1

Sheet music Soprano 1 ending

Soprano 1 ending


Sheet music Soprano 2 loop

Soprano 2

Sheet music Soprano 2 ending

Soprano 2 ending


Sheet music Contralto loop


Sheet music Contralto ending

Contralto ending


Please do both variations (small differences) and the ending.

Sheet music Alto loop 1

Alto variation 1

Sheet music Alto loop 2

Alto variation 2

Sheet music Alto ending

Alto ending


Sheet music Countertenor loop


Sheet music Countertenor ending

Countertenor ending


Please do both variations and the ending.

Sheet music Tenor loop 1

Tenor variation 1

Sheet music Tenor loop 2

Tenor variation 2

Sheet music Tenor ending

Tenor ending


Sheet music Baritone


Sheet music Baritone ending

Baritone ending


Please do both variations and the ending.

Sheet music Bass loop 1

Bass variation 1

Sheet music Bass loop 2

Bass variation 2

Sheet music Bass ending

Bass ending

Piano only

Here are the tracks without any voices.

Piano 4 verses with intro
Choir ending with intro

Upload the files

Once you finish the recoding, please name them with your name and the part, like “David Delp soprano 2.mp3” and then upload using this link.

Upload files here