Hi Lily,

I’m so happy you want to play the part of the doubter. She shows up in the middle of the song. Everyone can relate to doubting, being frightened and sad and having questions, will I feel safe, will I be happy…

I’d love to hear how it feels for you to sing those words. You can hear me singing them here on this track at 2:45.

You should be able to click the three dots and download the parts you need. Here is the current draft with only the piano and vocal part.

Here is the track without the vocal.

Please record it a few different ways. At first you can match my timing and pitch and attitude, a little sad and lonely. Then try a few takes however the words move you, and let’s see how they come out. Don’t try to be perfect, just sing what you feel. If you end up singing with a different timing, and we like it, I’ll change the accompaniment to match you.

Here are the words.

Will I feel safe?
Will I be happy?
Will I be strong and free from this suffering?
Is there kindness?

There’s one more piece I’d like you to record. We don’t want to leave you lonely so join the choir of voices singing at the end. Please record yourself singing with the choir here. You can sing to any of the parts or improvise.

May you be happy
May you be strong and free from suffering
May you feel kindness for yourself
(4 times, then)
May you feel safe, may you feel safe

If we both like how the recordings turn out, I’d like to shoot a video of you singing along with the one we like the best. But that’ll happen later.

Once you’re done, send me the files and any notes you might have, and I’ll take a listen.

Upload your files here

Thank you!