Set up audio recording

Sound is the most important part of video so you want to get a good audio recording.

  1. Set yourself up to record. You’ll need a way to record your voice while you listen to the music through headphones. You don’t want to record the music you’re listening to or any other sounds, just your voice. Here are a few options of how to do that:
    • Listen to the song on a laptop using headphones connected to the laptop. Then record your voice into an iPhone. I suggest using the Voice Memo app which comes with your iPhone and makes it easy to share the files to your computer or through email.
    • OR listen to the song on iPhone earbuds. And record into another phone or a mic plugged into a laptop. GarageBand and Quicktime come with a Mac and make it pretty easy to record.
    • OR download the song (Right click and Save link as…), and use GarageBand or a pro system. Just please don’t record with effects like reverb.
  2. Then practice. Once you’re set up, hit play on the songs and listen through the headphones. Practice singing the songs a few times to get used to the rhythm.
  3. When you’re ready, hit record on the recording system, and record the audio of your voice for the three sections below. If you make mistakes it’s okay, there are many repeats to the songs so just keep going. You can make a few recordings or repeat things if that’s easier.
  4. Pick the one you like best and save the file. Make sure your name and the part you sang are in the file name.