Let Me Feel Safe

Everyone in the world is having trouble feeling safe.

I wrote this song before the epidemic hit, and suddenly it’s relevant because it brings a message of safety and kindness we could all use right now. People tell me it feels good to sing this song, and I want you to have a chance to be part of the next step—turning it into a video everyone can enjoy and maybe get a little comfort from.

Singers and non-singers are doing this.

Take a listen to this demo. You’ll hear a wide range of voices with many more coming, especially at the end. Yours will fit as perfectly as our stunning gospel soloist’s and my endearing 93-year-old father’s.

Ready to dig in? Text or call me. (Four-one-five) five-one-nine-oh-three-three-oh. I’m so excited about this project, I’ll make it easy to add your part. Read on if you are curious about how this will work.

You don’t need to be a singer

If you know what it’s like to worry about your safety, our safety, and you want to send our message to others, now is a great time. There are two ways you can be part, one is on camera and the other is adding your voice to the choir.

You’ll be contributing to a project with 30-40 other people of all ages and backgrounds and singing skill. We’ll try to use everyone in some way, picking the parts that work best together and eventually put the final product on YouTube for us and the public to enjoy. Those who have started contributing tell me singing the song feels pretty great.

(This is not going to be one of those grids of people staring at their computer screens. We’ll shoot for good sound and picture, and I’ll do a different thing with editing.)

If you know The Beast, and the song speaks to you, even if you are shy in front of a camera, whether you consider yourself a singer or not, we will figure out how to add your part to the video. It’s fairly easy to do. Let’s talk.

Text or call me. (Four-one-five) five-one-nine-oh-three-three-oh.

If you love to sing …

And you don’t want to be part of the video, please sing in the big choir. There are eight parts to choose from ready with sheet music and demo tracks to sing to. The parts are short and uncomplicated, but you’ll need to hit the notes and timing so it all fits together. I demo every part so you’ll get to hear me singing a high C, and you’ll see why we need your voice to fill out this choir! You don’t need to contact me, it’s all there, the instructions and even a button to upload your files.

You can also join the angels. There are alto, tenor, and two soprano parts that need different and better voices than mine.

Have you ever lost your shit in the face of The Beast?

As the story begins we witness a man visited by The Beast. Wracked by fear and despair, with nowhere to run to, he asks for a glimmer of peace. Lo and behold, angels appear singing a song of hope.

The angels are us. They show up as the voice of kindness inside each of us and the acts of kindness we give each other, especially when one of us is in pain.

Then we hear others in prayer. It’s you. It’s each of us because who hasn’t needed kindness? Together our voices become a choir singing a unified call for inner peace and strength.

As our singing begins to find union, a lone voice breaks the spell. It’s doubt, one of many doors The Beast uses to get inside us. Can we send in the angels to guide us away from suffering? Can we join the grand choir and offer our friendly welcoming voices to anyone who needs it? Can we sing this together?

I know. It sounds schmaltzy or even religious, but it’s not. It’s just the desire to be more friendly to each other and a way to train our minds in that direction. I hope it feels right to you, too, because it’s time to take the next step.

Watch this video to understand my motivation, and then read on to learn how to add your part. It’s going to be amazing when you do.