Shooting the video yourself

If I’m not around to help with the video, you can do it yourself. The first thing is to make sure you have the audio recorded.

How to shoot the video

It’s pretty simple what you’ll do. You’ll stand in one place, say the prayer, then sing along to two versions of the music. You’ll also take an extra shot called “The Hold.” If you have any concerns, text or call me. (Four-one-five) five-one-nine-oh-three-three-oh.

The first thing is the setup. It’s much easier to do with a helper, but you can do it by yourself with a tripod. It’ll just take a few more test shots to get the lighting and background set up.

Here are some basic guidelines.

  • Don’t shoot with a phone’s selfie camera. Use the much better camera on the back of the phone.
  • Lighting is important. You want even lighting, no harsh shadows, so don’t stand in direct sun. Consider shooting at dawn or the golden hour around sunset or at dusk. Use a tripod if you can. If you have someone hold the camera, a little movement is okay.
  • Pick a place that’s familiar—where you work, your home, a place you like to go to have fun.
  • Wear what you would naturally wear in that place, work clothes if it’s work, Sunday clothes if it’s church.
  • Center yourself, waist or chest up, framed horizontally. See the examples.

Here’s what to bring to the shoot:

  • A camera (your phone fully charged!)
  • The words in case you forget.
  • Another phone or laptop (fully charged) to playback the two pieces of music on this page. If you won’t have internet, download the files before you head out.
  • Tripod and/or a helper (You can do this yourself, but a helper makes it much easier)

Get your shot setup. Take a few practice shots to make sure the background and lighting are okay. When you are ready you can record all 4 shots in one take if you want. Just hit record and go through these steps:

1. Speak the prayer. Like you did for the audio recording, say these words through a few times. Say them as quietly or as boldly as you did before. If you forgot what you did, do whatever feels right.

May I feel safe
May I be happy
May I be strong and free from suffering
May I feel kindness for myself

2. Now, sing along to the music. Same shot. Play this recording while you sing. Recording the music makes it easier to swap the audio of the nice recording you made earlier.

Prayer in Song

3. Third, sing along with the big gospel choir. You are singing hope and love to your fellow humans. Sing big and bold, move with the music if it feels right. Here are the words and the music.

May you feel safe
May you be happy
May you be strong and free from suffering
May you feel kindness for yourself
(4 times, then)
May you feel safe, may you feel safe
Sing big.

4. Finally, shoot “The Hold.” Shoot 30 seconds of you looking straight into the camera. Don’t smile. Don’t stare. Just look at the camera and let whatever crosses your mind cross you mind.

Then upload the files!

Once you record everything, please make sure to name the files to include your name. It’s okay to have separate files or a bunch of parts in one. And please don’t worry about your stuff being perfect. I’ll be editing your part together with other people’s grabbing just the best parts. Click on this button to upload the files.

Upload your files here

Let me know when you’re doen. I’ll get an alert, but it’s good to double check.

Thank you!